Chennai Corporation plans to install incinerator at burial ground off Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai

To stop the dumping of garbage at Perungudi and Kodungiyur, Chennai Corporation has planned to install incinerators at various parts of the city. The burial ground located off Dr Radhakrishnan Salai in Mylapore is one of them.

Says T. Iniyan, assistant executive engineer, Chennai Corporation, “Discussions are on to check the feasibility of installing an incinerator at Mylapore burial ground. We are also estimating the incinerator’s capacity and other specifications related to its functioning.”

At this point, he says, it is not clear when the incinerator would be installed.

Once functional, the incinerator will be used to shred non-biodegradable waste collected from the neighbourhood. The ash, which will be obtained as one of its by-products will be used to make paver bricks.

However, the vapours from the incinerator’ s exhaust is likely to create pollution.

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