Class X exams crucial for several courses, says principal of local corporation school

The class X state board exams which were supposed to start during the last week of March has been postponed. So far, there has been no information on when the exams will be conducted.

The principal of the Chennai High School at Sringeri Mutt Road, R. A. Puram, J. Dhanammal says, “Class X exams are very crucial for several courses. Students who want to go to class XI or pursue one or two year diploma courses, civil engineering, nursing or para medical courses need to clear their class X exams. So it is very important to conduct these exams. We don’t know when they will be conducted, but we have been telling our students to keep studying lest they forget. Teachers are in constant touch with the students. They clear any doubts that the student have when they study”.

She continues, “We have been able to contact most of the parents and those who have mobile internet have been asked to download the Aaroya Setu app devised by the government. A couple of days ago, we also called the parents and children and told them to light lamps on Sunday as per the request of the prime minister Narendra Modi”.

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