There will be uninterrupted supply of water all through summer, says Metro Water offical

A metro water official of Zone 13 which covers Ward 173 (parts of Mandaveli and R. A. Puram) says that the current supply will be maintained all through summer.

He says, “We are currently supplying 650 mld (million litres a day) every other day to households. Ever since the lockdown, water that was being sent to commercial establishments has stopped. Several people have also left for their native places. As a result of which we have increased the number of hours that the water will be supplied to households. If we start the supply at about 3 a.m. in the morning, the supply will go on till about 8 a.m.”.

When asked about the maintenance work at the desalination plant at Nemmeli, he says, “The work has been completed and the supply has been resumed”.