Coaching class X students at school will help them score good marks, says principal of Chennai Corporation school

The TN State Board exams for class X students which were scheduled to be held on June 1 was postponed to June 15 by the school education minister K. A. Sengottiyan recently.

The principal of the Chennai High School at Sringeri Mutt Road, R. A. Puram, J. Dhanammal says, while the decision to postpone the exams certainly gives more time for students to study, one to one coaching at the school campus will really help them. She says, “We have 16 students taking the exams this year. Several parents who stay close by have asked me if the teachers can take class for their wards but without the permission of the government I cannot do so. Those classes, which can be held with social distancing, will definitely help the students get more marks”.

When asked if all the students are in Chennai, she says, “Two students from our school are yet to come to Chennai. One is in Thiruvannamalai and another is in Marakkanam. The girl in Marakkanam has asked us to help her get an epass and she says she will somehow come to Chennai with her family as soon as possible”.

Postponing the exams she says has also given them more time to take care of other issues too. She says, “Two students in our school need scribes to write the exam this year. We now have more time to look for scribes. It also gives us more time to get the classrooms ready and disinfect the premises”.

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