Masks are now sold at street corners

Mask making and selling is now a cottage industry. For obvious reasons.

Enterprising people are starting to put out a variety of masks, mostly low-cost ones on bikes, carts and street corner stalls.

Giridharan Kesavan of Abiramapuram observed a young man who had used his motorbike to put up a variety of masks to be sold in this colony.

Photo: Giridharan Kesavan.

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One Comment on “Masks are now sold at street corners”

  1. Heartening.
    But sadly, their wares are not protected adequately so at least appear safe.
    Sorry to say most of them dont wear masks or gloves or both. If they wear gloves, its dirty as they wear continuously including when they sneeze, pee and scratch their bodies.
    This should not be encouraged in interest of community health.
    Sorry, though negative, this has mileage as the sneaky virus is very quick to enter any kind of loop holes.

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