This special educator uploads videos for her students at Clarke School for Deaf

Jayanthi Narayanan has been a teacher at Clarke School for the Deaf at R. K. Salai, Mylapore for more than three decades. And during this lockdown, she tossed her ideas to communicate to children who need continuous help.

She created videos of utility for them. Now, the parents of these kids are lauding Jayanthi for her innovative ideas.

The school has three departments, one to treat students who have hearing disabilities, another to treat intellectual disabilities and the third one, the Sadhana unit for Deaf Blind and multiple disabilities to treat student who are both visually and hearing impaired.

Jayanthi was a teacher at the intellectual disabilities department for 16 years, and when the Sadhana unit was formed she started teaching the students there and has been doing so for 20 years.

She says, “The lockdown has been very stressful for these special children as well as the parents. To keep both of them motivated I decided to upload videos with tips on how to keep the children busy.

“At the school, we have always drawn up holiday activities every year for each student before their Navarathi, winter and summer breaks. This year, even before we could hand them their schedules for the summer, the lockdown was announced. So we have sent the parents a customized booklet through WhatsApp with instructions on how to train their children to be more independent and how to spend quality time with them”.

The next video she says will be a ‘Brain Gym video’ and will deal with activities to calm hyperactive children. If such actions are of use to you or your community, contact Jayanthi at 9176086028.

The videos are on Jayanthi’s Fb page too.

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