Resident of Venkatasamy Lane, San Thome says water supply has not improved much

Mylapore Times received an email from Benny Thomas, a resident of Venkatasamy Lane, San Thome last week. He had stated that his water supply had reduced and he did not receive a response despite having lodged a complaint on the Metro Water website.

Mylapore Times spoke to Benny Thomas today morning and he says that his water supply has not improved much.

He says, “I stay in an apartment complex with six flats. Earlier we would receive water every other day and our water tank would be atleast 60% full. But for the past week, the supply has been very low. I lodged a complaint online and then received a message that the problem will be attended to in three days. A phone number was also provided for me to contact. When I contacted them, they said that there is a problem at the pumping station at MRC Nagar. The water supply is a little better today but my tank is still only 20% full. I also checked the status of my complaint online and it is still pending so I am hoping that the water supply will get back to what it used to be soon”.

When asked if he has been buying water he says, “Our ground water is salty and we have been using that in the bathrooms. For cooking we have been using the little Metro Water we get. I have also been buying water cans to supplement the supply”.

When the Metro Water AE of Ward 125 and 126 was contacted he says, “We haven’t received any direct complaint from anybody in that part of San Thome. There have been no problems with the water supply in both these wards. There have been no issues at the pumping station at MRC Nagar either. Whenever we receive complaints online, we allocate it to the engineer who is available. We will look into this issue”.

The Metro Water AE said he would be glad to talk to the resident. His number has been forwarded to Benny Thomas who says that he will follow it up with him.

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