Light to heavy rains on Sunday and Monday

Various areas in the Mylapore neighbourhood were blessed with steady or light rains since Sunday evening.

The rain bearing clouds covered up after 5 p.m. and it drizzled in some places before the clouds got cleared and blue skies appeared.

Later, after midnight the temperature dropped and there was steady rain in many areas after 2 am or so.

S. Prabhu, who shared a video of the steady rain he shot from his Abiramapuram said it rained for some time.

Other areas also reported steady rain and people woke up to a cool, pleasant Monday morning.

The photo here is of the Pattinapakkam seaside on Sunday evening, shot by Madhan Kumar / MT

One Comment on “Light to heavy rains on Sunday and Monday”

  1. RWH dug by GCC in Krisnapuri park at one point has grealy in recaharging the open wells at residences besides avoiding flooding in the Sunday heavy rains .More RWH points can be dug to save runaway water during heavy rains Further tree trimming is urgent to save trees
    Dr . LakshmanRao Krisnapuri Chennai and

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