Montessori teacher training courses can never completely be an online course, says the director of this training centre

R. A. Puram based Indian Montessori Training Courses Chennai has been conducting teacher training courses for more than two decades now. Classes are usually taken at their centre at Durgabai Deshmukh Road but the lockdown has changed things for them a little bit.

The director of the institute, Uma Shanker says, “Montessori training is all about working with materials. Everybody who has enrolled for this course has always come down to our centre to get hands-on-training with the materials we have there. Though we plan to start classes online, we must emphasize that this is only a temporary arrangement till the lockdown completely eases. We will only be taking certain theory portions of the classes online. Only those who are willing to come down to our centre later for the training sessions should consider taking this course”.

Shobana Vaidyanathan, another director, says, “We offer 600 hours of training for the one year course. Prior to the lockdown, the weekday programmes which are usually preferred by home-makers, would run for about 3 hours every day from Monday to Friday and the ones for working professionals would be on the weekend. But now since the schools are closed and the mothers and children are at home, we have decided to have the online theory classes for about two hours everyday”.

The online classes will commence on August 10. The diploma is awarded by Indian Montessori Centre at Bengaluru. For details call them at 9940164929, 9790918173. Email them at

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