Crowd sourcing urgent utility info in pandemic times . . .

When Devipriya R. got a call from her 70 year old mother who resides in Mylapore that she needed to see a dentist urgently, she found another emergency on her hands.

And since she lives far away from her mother’s residence and did not have a long list of contacts she posted a query on the Mylapore Times social media page.

Her mother lives on Balakrishnan Street and she was looking for a dentist in that vicinity.

Mylapore Times pinged Dr Mahender Maruthi Rao, a ENT specialist based in Mylapore for leads and in a short time, he shared one – that of Dr. Arjun at a clinic on Indrani Ammal Street.

That information was relayed to the senior’s daughter for followup.

Over the past four months, time and again people, mostly from outside the city and from abroad have pinged this newspaper for help, and some have been SOS calls. Crowd sourcing of the required information has also helped.


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