Panguni fest 2021: Arabathumoovar procession managed well, finishes quickly

There were lesser number of people taking part in the grand arbathummovar procession of Sri Kapali temple – the procession of the nayanmars which is also one of the grandest in the city which took place on Friday.

In fact, the crowd was lesser than the one that attended the ther procession the previous day.

The management of the event was smart too, with the large contingent of police staff regulating the crowd.

Only Kolavizhiamman was brought in a procession and breaking tradition, it led the procession of the nayanmars. No other processions of gods and goddesses from other temples joined the event, another break from tradition. This was to comply with the suggestions made by the state agencies at pandemic time.

Regulars at the Panguni fest said that the subtle advice must have lessened the attendance on a day when usually, streams of people from Mylapore and across the city head to the mada streets.

Even the annadhanam that sangams, families and mada streets shops offer on the day was almost nil save for individuals sharing mixed rice or sweets or buttermilk in sachets.

The family on Mathala Narayanan Street which has for decades served thousands with food as annadhanam on this day, gave sundal and rice in packs to avoid crowding.

The narikuravas and other hawkers who attend all fests to sell their goods are here but again limited in number, thus robbing the area of  thiru vizha colours.