At this mosque, elders remind faithful at Ramadhan meal time of respecting pandemic time rules

There seems to be a concerted effort to get the core pandemic time message across to a community at a Mylapore mosque this Ramadhan.

It is happening at the Jumma Masjid, possibly the biggest in the area.

Ramadhan prayers and fasting began earlier this week all over and at this Kutchery Road mosque, the elders are making an effort at pandemic time to remind the community of the need to wear masks and keep safe distance.

Every evening, after the prayer and time to break the fast when. some 100 people sit down for a meal on the terrace here, an elder speaks to the gathering, urging people to wear masks. “You don’t forget to carry your cell-phones, so also you must carry and wear masks,” said an elder at a weekend meal.

“We have volunteers to regulate the people when they come here for prayers,” said his colleague.

At Ramadhan time, cooks are engaged to prepare the nombu kanji noontime onwards; this and other items like vadas and bananas are served to the faithful at dusk after the prayers.


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