Police move to auction dog at Commando School displeases animal lovers

Animal activists are troubled by the move by TN Police to auction a male dog that it had bought for its Tamil Nadu Commando School based in Boat Club area, R. A. Puram.

They say that in auctioning a dog of this nature a breeder may pay the top amount and exploit the animal for breeding; they suggest that the police are advised to find a family that will take good care of the dog.

This move follows a note put out about a male Chippipaarai dog, born 2017 and ‘not ‘properly trained’  to be auctioned on May 10 at the office of the ADGP in Marutham Complex, R A Puram at 11 am.  The note said participants can register their names at 10;30 am at the control room on this campus.

Details can be had at 24344618.

  • Photo used here is for representation only and not of the dog featured in the report

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