Harikatha artiste Sindhujha engages children with her popular online show. From her base in R. A. Puram

The show is called Namma Boomi Namma Sami. 

 Yes, it is all to do with India’s spiritual and cultural heritage. But it is intended for children. And the anchor-producer is well-known Harikatha artiste Sindhujha Chandramouli of R. K. Nagar in R. A. Puram.

 It was designed to engage pre-teen kids during the pandemic lockdown days. And so Sindhujha, who has been presenting Harikatha since the age of nine, hoped some 100-plus children would sign up.

Today, she has over 1,100 subscribers and counting.

 Over 2020, she has been experimenting with the content and presentation of Harikatha for youth and children. “The aim is to get them in despite their short attention span,” she says.

So, on her YouTube channel she has these snappy stories that envelope you under a few minutes..

Take a look at her KathaToon series online.

 But it is Namma Boomi Namma Sami that is not only growing at a great pace but also making demands on her since the show is ‘live’ and is periodic.

 To register, just WhatsApp 9677386773 ( do not make calls, they will not be answered).

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