Creative Work of Mylapore Children

Salty Sea!

By Hawra Unjhawala

Oh Salty Sea!
Oh sea! oh sea! oh salty sea!
Rippling through the sand,
Bringing little sea shells
gliding along with you.
Oh sea! oh sea! oh salty sea!
There was a little turtle
Resting on your bed
You tickled him and wiggled him,
And scared the poor thing .
Oh sea! oh sea !oh sea!
Oh cold and salty sea
Let those waves ripple high
As my legs dip in you,
It’s almost been a year in-house
I’ve fought with Covid too,
And now I’m free, so let me be
Please don’t sweep me off my feet,
Just let me stay and play with you.
Hawra Unjhawala is Std.6 student of Sishya and a resident of San Thome

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