In trying times, people try any job that can earn them some money every day

These are trying times for many people. More so for those who do not have a regular stream of earnings.

Some of them have now resorted to doing jobs that can get them some money every day.

Take this duo of an elderly woman, a widow and her daughter who reside on the edge of Mylapore, on the Royapettah side.

For the past few weeks, they have taken to selling plants, saplings and manure on a mobile hawker cart.

They say that they borrow the plants from a handicapped owner of a nursery in their area, load them on to a tricycle and push it along the streets of Mylapore, since neither of the women are skilled at riding the tricycle.

On Monday, the duo were seen on the main road leading to Pattinapakkam.

“We are out the whole day,” said Lakshmi, the elderly woman. “We take a break at lunch time and then carry on. We make twenty rupees on every sapling we sell.”

But selling has not be easy in these times.

Report by Kavitha Benni


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