Three police officers assigned night patrol duty in Mylapore zone as part of new plans

Chennai Police has now put into action a well-planned schedule of night patrolling by its men and women. And this is now on in the Mylapore zone.  This practice is to keep an eye on traffic and crime-related issues and to respond as quickly as possible and also to allow residents to ping an officer if something is amiss.

The police have put out contact phone numbers to be used in emergencies.

Officer Vijayalakshmi is assigned the rounds from 11 p.m to 6 a.m. – contact 9498174421.

Officer Natarajan, the ACP in Mylapore will oversee traffic-related issues at night. His contact – 9444050423.

Also assigned night patrol duty is inspector J. Benson – his contact 9444755485.

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