Archanai prayers in Thamizh: launch at Sri Kapali Temple

From this weekend, you can request a priest at Sri Kapali Temple to recite prayers for the archanai in Thamizh.

This facility was launched formally on Thursday at the temple and signalled the start of similar services at over 40 state temples.

Of course, this is not really new in the real sense.  The current DMK government seems keen to popularise it.

“A set of 14 different ‘potris’ have already been prepared, and the booklets have been distributed to the identified priests. The facility will be expanded to other temples if there is popular demand,” said HR&CE minister P K Sekar Babu at the function in Mylapore.

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One Comment on “Archanai prayers in Thamizh: launch at Sri Kapali Temple”

  1. Archanas in Tamil also are in vogue since about 60 years. I live in Mylapore for about 60 years. Normally and as a rule archanas are performed in Sanskrit alone. It is done IF a particular devotee desires the archana to be performed in Tamil. This is notified in the temple. It is not as if archana will be performed in Tamil language alone. Devotees coming from other states offering prayers cannot be said to ask for archanas in Tamil language.
    It opens the question if archanas are performed in the local language in temples outside of Tamilnadu.

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