Drains, pavement work in San Thome and R. A. Puram goes on at slow pace. Will they be useful this monsoon?

For many many weeks now, civic work has been going on from the San Thome High School end to the Tholkappia Poonga ( Adyar Poonga ) end but it has been so in fits and starts.

This is causing traffic jams on this busy high road, posing dangers to pedestrians and if delayed will not handle the monsoon waters for which new drains have been constructed.

The San Thome High Road, the section between Kuyil Thottam and Lazarus Church Road has flooded always after a  steady spell of rain, with the old drains unable to take the load and sewage polluting the flood waters.

This issue seems to be have been addressed now with new drains but this work is still incomplete and is going on in fits and starts.

On the section from Pattinapakkam junction to the Jesus Calls junction, not only have broad pavements and smart drains been laid, there are also cement-based lines alongside the pavement edges to drain off rainwater.

Here too, a few workers are seen at work, again working in fits and starts.

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