When DMK cadres used their fists instead of lending a hand to helpless Mandaveli residents

Instead of lending a helping hand to residents of a Mandaveli colony who were living a miserable 48 hours in the monsoon deluge, local DMK cadres bashed up those who sought to raise their voices in a protest held on Friday noontime.

It needed the intervention of local police and Mylapore MLA to cool down tempers but some residents are still smarting from the attitude of the DMK cadres.

Residents off St Marys Road – Devanathan Street face flooding when it rains heavily. In recent times, sewage gets mixed up and this polluted water even flows into houses.

On Nov.11 late evening, a section of the road opposite the Mandaveli Post Office caved in.  It appears that this affected sewage lines laid in this area. Metrowater’s pumping station located off this area is said to have been shut down so that further sewage outflow could be stopped.

Meanwhile, rainwater and sewage mix messed up many a house in and around this area. Save for local civic officials, the residents found seniors did not visit the place and since their calls for bigger action were falling on deaf ears, some people resorted to a street protest on Friday noontime.

Locals say a couple of DMK partymen had got into an argument with the band of protestors: this snowballed and soon, DMK cadres of the area rushed in and a fight broke out.

Mylapore MLA Dha. Velu ( of the DMK) rushed to the spot as did police and cooled down tempers.

  • Photo by Venky Hari


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