Stream of people at Sri Kapali Temple. A prayer for the new year.

Since the break of dawn, the stream of people visiting Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore has been thick, steady and unbroken.

People who are here to say a prayer to welcome the new year, 2022. On January 1.

The queues had been long before the midnight hour.

The temple authorities had told Mylapore Times that the temple would close at 12.30pm as per schedule on Jan 1. But the minister in charge of temples had said  big temples would be kept open further.

However, at 12.15pm in Saturday, the queues in both the free darshan and Rs.100 section at this Mylapore temple extended almost to the Saneeswarar sannidhi. But they got what they had come for.

  • Report by S. Prabhu


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