Tamil Isai series of concerts at Arkay Center. From April 14.

Madhuradhwani is hosting a Tamil isai series of concerts at Arkay Center, Luz from April 14 to 18, evenings.
Here is the schedule:
April 14 : 4.30pm – Subhadra Sridharan. At 6.30pm – T N S Krishnan / vocal
April 15 : 4.30pm – Anirudh Subramaniam. At 6.30pm – K Gayatri / vocal

April 16 : 4.30pm – Pranathi Ganapuram / vocal. At 6.30pm – Thoppur Sairam / vocal
April 17 : 4.30pm – Cuddalore Vikram Saiprasad /vocal. At 6.30pm – Dr. R Ganesh / vocal

April 18 : 4.30pm – Abishek Ravishankar / vocal. At 6.30pm – Harikatha on Kulasekarar Kanda Raman by Kalyanapuram Sri. Aravamudachariar
April 20 : 6.15pm – Tiruvarur Girish / vocal

 Arkay is at 146, R. H. Road, Luz. Call 9381007317.

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  1. Thank you very much for hosting the Tamil Isai series 2022. I listen to the wonderful music renditions by the various talented and gifted artists in You Tube as I am outside India. Thank you once again.

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