Get a paid pass to go on walks inside Tholkappiya Poonga (Adyar Poonga)

Now you can go for long walks inside the Tholkappiya Poonga (Adyar Poonga) in the south end of R. A. Puram.

Paid passes will be given on a daily / monthly basis to those whose applications are approved.

A three months pass costs Rs.1500, a month’s pass is Rs.500 and a daily pass costs Rs.20 ( this does not need prior application).

Walking timings: Morning ( 6.30 am to 8.00 am). Evening (4.30 p.m to 6.00 p.m)

A walk path for about 3 kms has been created inside this verdant nature space. Walkers will have to stick to this pathway and also abide by some rules which include not carrying plastics and not bringing in pets.

This facility was announced sometime ago but it went into the freezer. It has been formally launched now by the chief minister.

This project is managed by Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust.

For more details and for the application for walks, go to –

சென்கை நதிைள் சீரகைப்பு அறக்ைட்டகள ச ொல்ைொப்பியப் பூங்ைொ, எண்.6/103, டொக்டர் டிஜிஎஸ் திைைரன் ெொகல, ரொஜொ அண்ணொைகலபுரம், சென்கை – 600028.

ச ொடர்பு எண்: 044 – 246 145 23 / 97865 58397 / 98408 13321


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