Key events at Mylapore Temples; check this

Kapali Temple  Panniru Thirumurai   

Sunday 8.30am Yaanai Vahanam Mada Streets Procession

Sunday 7pm  ‘Naalvar’ Mada Streets Procession

Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations

At Madhava Perumal Temple

Sat 5pm Periyazhvaar’s Sacred Verses on Krishna, 6.30pm Inside Procession

Sunday 6.30pm – Uriyadi Utsavam

At Kesava Perumal Temple

Sunday    7pm     Kannan Kaithala Sevai

Monday 7.30am  Kannan Sesha Vahana procession

Tuesday 7.30am  Kannan Chariot procession

Tuesday 7pm       Perumal and Kannan Punnai Mara Vahana procession  – Uriyadi Utsavam

At Vedantha Desikar Temple

Sunday 6.30pm – Perumal and Kannan Procession – Uriyadi Utsavam

Compiled By S Prabhu

Photo: Krishna jayanthi events at Nandala Temple, Dr Ranga Road


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