Chennai Metro: traffic diversion at south end of R K Mutt Road ‘taken off’

The diversion made at the far end of R K Mutt, for traffic from Adyar moving into Mylapore due to Chennai Metro plans here has been taken. off.

Since Monday, vehicle movement followed the original flow, taking R K Mutt towards Mandaveli, from the Adyar bridge side.

Unconfirmed information picked up with local Metro and Police staff indicates that the Metro wanted to test the reaction to the diversion, in case it need to employ it for larger work later and that the police told their bosses that the dipstick feedback on the diversion indicated ‘failure’.

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One Comment on “Chennai Metro: traffic diversion at south end of R K Mutt Road ‘taken off’”

  1. The traffic congestion at the Adyar junction of RK Mutt road, Greenways road near the petrol filling g station is purely man made. The barricades provided there are to facilitate movement of VIP cars only. It is absolutely ridiculous. Why a common man is made to go around and create traffic jam for the benefit ofa privileged few who are chosen by us and put ourselves in difficulties. Provide active traffic lights at the junction and let it be used by all. There will not be a jam there.

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