Adyar river mouth being dredged. But pollution of estuary waters is not being tackled.

A sand dredging operation is going on at the mouth of the Adyar river.

This morning we sighted a sand dredger at work right in the middle of the mouth of thr river, closer to the banks near Srinivasapuram.

We learn that the work is to deepen the river mouth and widen it so that there is free flow of water on both sides.

The silting of this zone has created many problems. Water stagnates and mosquitoes breed big. Pollution spreads and sealife perishes.

Workers say that the operation is for a month.

If the river mouth is dredged regularly and if the huge mound of waste generated by Srinivasapuram tenements that lies in the estuarine backwaters is removed in toto, scientists at CIBA ( Central Institute for Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA) under the ICAR, located alongside the backwaters, say that rich marine life can be nurtured and grown here.

They say fish and crabs can be developed in these clear waters and groups of fisherfolks can manage the fisheries here.

Small attempts by CIBA teams to pursue these projects have failed because the hugely polluted waters frustrates any such activity.

Even the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust ( CRRT) which has smartly redeveloped the vast estuarine zone as Thokkappia Poonga on the west side and on one section of the eastern end had to give up this restoration because they seem to have been frustrated by state agencies not clearing the waste now lying in the waters and less attention given to desilting at the river mouth on a regular basis.

  • Story inputs from Madhan Kumar
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