GCC teams clear hawkers in Saibaba Temple zone; the stalls are back in business hours later

The GCC teams who are clearing all the hawkers in the heart of Mylapore were seen in action this Friday morning in the Saibaba Temple zone.

The civic workers cleared the makeshift stalls, carted away storage boxes and waste and chased away the hawkers who primarily target temple-goers here.

For a few hours, the pavement and the road was neat and clean.

Early this evening, the hawkers were back where they run their trade. And all seemed well; business as usual.

The hawkers have multiplied here; they occupy a quarter of this busy road.

Another section is occupied by road dividers and barricades made by the temple. Another section is occupied by dozens of beggars who look hale and well-fed.

And the pavement alongside the temple has been made the temple’s own.