Sri Kapali Temple Panguni Utsavam: Rishabha Vahanam gopuram darshan at 8pm on April 1: ‘ther’ on April 3

Following the abhisekam, Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple’s hereditary priest Balaji Gurukal on Wednesday evening read out the specifics relating to the Panguni Utsavam that will start on March 28 with Kodi Etram after 7.30am.

These are the key events –

Adikara Nandi procession will take place on March 30 morning while the popular Rishabha Vahanam that will run through the night will start at 8pm on Saturday April 1.

The ther or chariot procession will start at 7am on April 3 while Arubathumoovar will take place in the hours after noon on April 4.

The Thiru Kalyanam will be held on the evening of April 6 and will be followed by the Kodi Erakkam.

  • By S. Prabhu

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