Chennai Metro: Luz Circle area barricaded

Chennai Metro’s contractors have now begun the first stage of civil work around Luz Circle.

An area off the pavement where Sukha Nivas restaurant is located has been barricaded and work is due to begin here soon.

It is not clear what the fate of the pavement hawkers here will be; some hawkers recently said that they did not get any communication from Chennai Metro on their position.

Many shops on the north side of Luz Circle have closed down, some having shifted to locations closeby.

This far, the eastern side of Kutchery Road where a Metro station is to come up has been the centre of work on this project.

News is also coming in that the bridge near Thirumylai MRTS station, over the Buckingham Canal, which connects Mylapore and Mandaveli with Luz will have to be demolished to allow for underground work for the Metro line.

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  1. Will electric supply, metro water supply and sewage drains be affected because of demolition of the culvert bridge opposite to Thirumayilai station? No announcements have been released about this from any authorities.

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