Chennai Metro; road sinking issue in R. A. Puram addressed

The sudden sinking of a small section of Durgabai Deshmukh Road in R A Puram on Saturday morning, due to underground boring for the Chennai Metro railine has been addressed now.

The sunken space was filled with earthen materials and then cemented and large metal sheets placed on the affected space.

On Sunday, since traffic movement was thin, bikes and cars avoided running over the affected space.

But there was chaos here on Saturday when the road section caved in. Traffic from the Adyar to Mylapore – San Thome side that takes this road jammed and this prompted the Traffic Police to divert buses and lorries at Madhya Kailash end, to take the Kotturpuram road and proceed further.

The tunnel boring machine (TBM) lowered in the Chennai Metro work campus off Greenways Road ( former GCC playground) has been boring towards the Adyar river to prepare construction of the tunnel and rail line that runs north-south.

The TBM has to bore under the river later and

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