Ranjani and Gayatri open Navaratri concert series at Ramakrishna Mission Students Home

The annual Navaratri celebrations at Ramakrishna Mission Students Home were launched on Sunday, and as they always do, followed a long tradition that is kept here by the monks and the students here.

The day starts with a procession taken out by the students in the campus vicinity and then follows a discourse by a guest, a daily affair this.

That Sunday evening, after a simple inaugural by Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti, the patron of this festival for many years, the first concert was presented by sisters Ranjani and Gayatri.  It was announced that the hugely popular duo declined their renumeration because they wished to support a good cause and event.

The hostelites not only attend the evening concerts held through the season but also volunteer.

A large-sized kolu has been set up at one corner of the hall where the concerts take place.

The concerts, that start at 6.30 p.m. are open to the public.

This campus is alongside Vivekananda College.

(( )) WATCH ALL VIDEOS on Navaratri events in Mylapore zone – www.youtube.com/mylaporetv

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