Inlets into Sri Kapali Temple tank on east side harvest rainwater falling on this street zone

Over a year ago, Chennai Corporation relaid East Tank Street, which runs between the tank and Sri Kapali Temple on the temple’s west side, and also created inlets into the tank.

This was to enable rainwater falling on this narrow street to be filtered of waste by the traps and run into the tank and add to the water level.

This made a timely addition to rainwater harvesting. This season, though the rain has been off and on, light and steady, all the water falling on East Tank Street runs into the tank.

All the inlets are neat and in good condition, though some civil repairs will strengthen the inlets all along the small wall of the tank.

Old timers of this area say that a large inlet at this corner of the tank ( South Mada Street end) cannot be seen today.

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