Obituary: K. Rajam. Also known as Kolam mami

K. Rajam, wife of  V. Kulathu (Hariharan) passed away on October 25.

Hailing from Kallidaikurichi, Tirunelveli district, she was a resident of Warren Road,
Mylapore, for about 45 years.

The couple were deeply religious and shared traditional Vedic hymns with those who were keen to learn and understand.

Her family said that the couple not only recited the Vishnu and Lalitha Sahasranamam, Lalithambal Shobanam, Narayaneeyam and Soundarya Lahari but also taught their children and grand children the importance of following Indian culture and tradition.

They were ardent followers of the Sringeri Sharada Peetam and regularly participated in events at the Peetam in Mandaveli.

Rajam was affectionately Kolam mami.  This is because she used to decorate the entrance of the house with beautiful kolams / rangolis. She also used  to draw kolams at the Sringeri Mutt and at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

Her family said she was also a great cook, preparing authentic, traditional food and sharing it with family and guests.

She has helped many families in the neighbourhood at times of need and shared small tips about the medicinal value of Indian medicines ( Patti Vaidhiyam ).

She leaves behind her husband, two sons and a daughter.

The family’s contact – son K. Venkatasubramanian – Ananthi Flats, Warren Road, Mylapore. Phone: 9790826985