Chennai Metro; Mylaporeans tell officials issues that are bugging them, that need attention

Mylaporeans who are concerned about the fallout of the traffic diversions made due to Chennai Metro project work have told officials that the condition of roads / streets where the vehicles are diverted must be improved by relaying them and filling up potholes.
This was one of the issues that people presented at a meeting which Chennai Metro organised on Saturday evening at a private venue around Luz Circle.
It was a face-to-face meet between Mylaporeans and officials of Metro, GCC, Police and others.
Traders / hawkers of Luz zone and community activists as well as residents of Mylapore-Mandaveli – Luz attended the meeting.
Below are other key issues raised at the meet –
– Traffic Police must be posted at vital points of diversion ,in addition to the posting of private traffic marshalls.
– All Mada Streets must be made free of all forms of encroachments.
– Use Greenways Road and South Canal Bank Road to take big volumes of traffic
– Get MTC in citizens meetings on this project – there is a need to deploy small buses since key bus stops / station zones are fenced off now.
– Consider using pathway to ground alongside P S High School by people who have to reach P S Senior School.
– Book all violators who drive down streets declared One Way
– Reported by Baskar Seshadri

2 Comments on “Chennai Metro; Mylaporeans tell officials issues that are bugging them, that need attention”

  1. Sir, glad that condition of roads is taken up. Thevroads are dug up by various agencies and left in dangerous conditions. In Santhome High Road the footpath are pathetic conditions. I had a very strong fall in Kutchery road. Bruises and swelling of face. No one helped. Because many simply walk away when someone falls, it’s better to spare people the burden of being first responders by having safe roads.

    Further, why metro when we have MRTS and good connectivity from Luz…was my nagging question which has been highlighted.

    Sir,as a tree lover,can we have some volunteers to plant trees at night. I can arrange for native trees and pinpoint places where trees are needed.

    Hope you take note and publish in the name of your favourite young girl.

  2. First solve for road and remove vehicle,and repair road andin road side shop occupied goods check everything after only support to metro this is kind information see visit for all road take immediate action no excuse tks

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