This play on Robinhood, acted by teens, was delightful

The timeless tale of Robin Hood – the champion of the underdog, the thief with a cause, and the hero in green tights – has been told and retold through generations.

Recently, TalkAct Productions’ staged “Robinhood and His Merry Men” and director Tasneem Unjhawala, founder of this theatre group for children and teens, brought her own zest into the production.

The performance, held on April 22, at Dakshinamoorthy Auditorium, P S Higher Secondary School campus, transported the audience straight to the heart of Sherwood Forest. The set was a delightful patchwork of hand-painted trees and makeshift rocks, streams, and a human bridge, creating a whimsical backdrop that was a labour of love.

The story follows the benevolent rogue Robin Hood, played by young Pranav K. His merry men, a diverse group of spirited boys and girls, added a layer of camaraderie and comic relief to the tale. Notable among them were Friar Tuck, played by Burhanuddin Dahodwala, and Stable Boy, Kaushik whose comic timing and physical humour brought gales of laughter from the audience.

The director’s choice to blend traditional storytelling with contemporary elements allowed the young audience to connect well with the historical narrative.

Costumes were designed by Lamya Asif.

Special guests included John Pradeep, founder, The Growth School, the Das couple, the owner of Musee Musical, Uma, founder, Thejomaya and musician Sailesh.

  • Reported byTasneem Akbari-Kutubuddin