Power blips reported at Mylapore yesterday. TANGEDCO says there were no major complaints.

Power blips were reported in two areas in Mylapore yesterday. TANGEDCO’s area engineer in charge of  Mylapore East, Mylapore West, Luz and Alwarpet areas however says that there were no major complaints in those areas.

He says, “There were no power problems yesterday night. Yesterday afternoon however, there was a power cut as there was a problem with the power supply to the Mylapore substation, specifically in the 230 kv line. That issue was sorted out and power was restored in 15 minutes”.

When asked if the increase in usage of air conditioners this summer will result in power cuts, he says, “There is no overload anywhere. Our full load capacity is 200 amps. In other words, one feeder at the substation can withstand upto 200 amps after which the fault will trip. Our current usage is 150 amps and so we have nothing to worry about”.

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  1. Raman says:

    Even yesterday night from 11:30pm to 1:30 am .
    Last three days it is frequently goes off and no one from TNEB R.A. Puram lift the telephonic call.
    Very much suffering in this hot summer.

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