The Pelathope Stories

Mylapore fascinates people. Scores of them have written on it including the saints, travellers and foreigners. Its stories never seem to dry up.

G. Ram Mohan, a civil engineer by profession who went on to work for the Indian Railways Service of Engineers and retired as Commissioner of Railway Safety has now published a book called ‘Pelathope Days’.

Ram Mohan released the little red book during the Madras Day celebrations last week and the first lot of copies were grabbed by the guests on stage and off it.

Says this resident of Sriram Nagar, Alwarpet, “I had toyed with the idea of writing about the charisma of Mylapore, having spent my youth in this part of Chennai. It took shape only after my retirement.”

The book of 256 pages makes a delightful read as it transports you to a different time and space of life and people.

‘Pelathope Days’ is ‘more about the times than my own life’, clarifies Ram Mohan. To appreciate and enjoy the book more, all you need is a Madras-Mylapore connection at some stage in your life.

Palathope is a small, quiet colony located off the busy Mylapore area opposite the Thirumylai MRTS station, once a ‘thope’ which went on to become the home of a number of great advocates/lawyers.

Ram Mohan focuses on life at home with his parents and their six children. The daily grind of the average householder, the role of women as home makers, the system of education that prevailed at that time, social customs and the changes that started to crack the picture of the typical Mylapore ethos are described graphically.

With puckish humour he touches upon the way ‘kudumis’ were removed in protest and the colourful discussions on matrimonial alliances.

The book talks about superstitions that covered even little things like getting a haircut and  the practice of segregating women.

The book is priced at Rs.100 and is available at the author’s home. Call 96001 64504, 2466 0081.

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  1. Lovely talking to Mr Ram Mohan. Looking forward to reading Pelathope days. The reviews were great. I am also looking forward to meeting this great man.

  2. great to read this with Navarathri around the corner
    at least in 2014 golu we will enjoy this
    somehow missed this earlier in 2010 I had been in Califonria
    so missed Mr. Rammohans contribution
    keep it up
    ganesh kn
    heritage and music enthusiast

  3. sir would like to know more about c s parthasarathy [advocate] alias pachuanna who lived there during early 1930’s.We are looking for his family details.Also would like to know if there are other people with C S as their initial in pelathope

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