Obit: S. Jagannathan

S. Jagannathan,  an ‘old’ student of Ramakrishna Mission Students’ Home who went to head its Polytechnic passed away on December 14.

Jagannathan was born on November 7, 1921. He joined Ramakrishna Mission Student’s home in IV form in 1935. He left the Home in 1942 with a diploma in Automobile Engineering.

He joined the Govt. of India War Technicians’ Training Institute as Superintendent and served for two years.

After the war he joined as a lecturer in Ramakrishna Mission Polytechnic College as per the request of C. Ramanujachari.

He went on to become the principal of the institute – from 1952 to 1963.

He left the Home and worked in a company in Bangalore and worked there for 24 years.

He joined the Home as an honorary worker in 1989 and became the member of the Managing Committee and later became the Chairman from 1990 till his death.
He always believed in perfection and hardwork.

His family can be reached at 2B, Mangala Ramaneeyam Apts, 2, Srinivasan Street, Mandaveli. Ph: 2464 0429.