S. V. Shekher to join Congress (I)

The member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Mylapore constituency, actor-comedian and social activist S. V. Shekher is to join the Congress (I) party on Sunday, February 6.

He will formally join the party at its state headquarters, Sathyamurthy Bhawan located on General Patters Road, Royapettah.

“The Dravida parties are not for me. I think a national party suits me,” said Shekher on Thursday morning. “At least theres freedom of speech in the Congress.”

Shekher was elected on a AIADMK ticket in the last state elections and bucked the trend to win over his DMK rival.

However, he came to be alienated in his party and in recent times was treated as an unattached MLA. But he continued to take part in legislative businesses and Assembly meetings.

He has always been an active participant in the constituency’s affairs and maintained a public profile.

In recent times, he was seen more in the company of the DMK and its top leaders and the buzz was that he would eventually join the DMK.

Shekher had once contested the Assembly elections as an independent and lost.

He resides in Mandavelipakkam. His email ID is – mylaporemla@gmail.com

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5 Comments on “S. V. Shekher to join Congress (I)”

  1. Albeit, there is a lot controversy in his political party joining, he is one of the best truthful, and sincere person who want to serve the people.

    We have to respect his public services. He is not corrupt, is the only reason why he should have not come out of ADMK. He must have shared his thoughts with AIDMK supremo. Therefore, he would have stayed as Mylapore MLA.

    Also, as an able administrator and MLA , he has served the people to his limits.

    In this regards, he must have been approached by AIADMK to make him rejoin the party…..

    Any Way, pas t is past. I have belief in him that he would continue to serve people.

  2. He came to attend Thuglak function, heard Cho lambasting both DMK and Congress; seems chose to join Congress. Thangabalu will have a competition. Freedom of speech in Congress… big joke. This guy did not have any guts to oppose Karunanidhi who called Rama a drunkard even while being an independent. Even if he can’t protect Hindus rights, why should he be associated with TAMBRAS. Shame for him. We will defeat him if Raja and Sonia cannot alone do that. Respectful thing for him is to get back to only Drama

  3. it will benefit Mr sekar and not the congress much or for that sake the mylaporeans

    he may be even denied a seat here in mylapore as there are strong contenders are already here and his chance of winning is less as he is unliked by all three parties viz ,bjp,admk and dmk and he will have to depend upon party fund plus he is not a go getter and do not move close to people

  4. Hmmm…Sad to see a sensible person katchi hopping and getting on board a drowning ship……..Shekher would be best if he stood as an independent and remained an independent…and worked independently towards the betterment of mylaporean community

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