Obit: P. S. Ramaseshan

P. S. Ramaseshan, aged 85 passed away on August 25.

He was the son of P. R. Seshan, UCO Bank and son in law of V. Ramachandra Dikshidar, Mannargudi. He was born in Trivandrum in 1926.

He studied English Literature from St Xavier’s College, Calcutta in the company of the late Utpal Dutt and the late Prof . Vishwanathan.

He was employed in the coal mines of Tata Steel in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand and retired in 1987.

After his retirement, he worked in Brilliant Tutorials, till July 2011 in its division dedicated to coaching youths for the Civil Services examination.

He is survived by his wife Champa, daughters Geeta Ramaseshan, senior advocate and Lata Ramaseshan of RK Swamy BBDO.

The family can be reached at No 6, 4th Cross Street, C.I.T. Colony. Ph: 2499 1397.