Greater Chennai: Limits of local wards being redrawn

Now that Greater Chennai is a reality, the Chennai Corporation limits have also changed. Which means that the zone and ward in which you live in will also change.

These changes will have to reflect in some of the documents issued by state agencies.

Chennai Corporation will now have 15 zones and 200 wards. Wards are smaller zones carved out of the main zone.

Most parts of Mylapore fall under Zone 10. The zonal office is in Adyar. The ward and zone limits are being drawn afresh and it appears that most Mylapore areas will fall under Zone 13 which is still named Adyar.

The fringe areas of this neighbourhood may fall under Teynampet zone in the north and Kodambakkam in the north west.


Elections to local bodies have to be held in October. That is why there is great deal of work being done in the newly drawn Corporation limits in preparation for the poll.

People elect a councillor from each ward who represents their civic and local issues and voices their ideas and problems. Some wards will be reserved for women and communities.

Each ward will have a population of about 45,000. Of this, 35,000 could be eligible voters.

The Council will now have 200 reps.


If you still need to get corrections made in your Voter ID Card or have issues on it, you may make your case at the local zonal office now. Forms are being accepted.

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