New agency to clear garbage

The Chennai Corporation council has decided to contract the Hyderbad-based Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited to undertake conservancy operations in three zones of the city for the next 7 years.

Teynampet Zone is one of them. This zone covers most parts of the Mylapore neighbourhood.

Neel Metal Fanalca is operating in this zone now, while the Corporation has undertaken the same work in some of the wards.

It is said that Ramky will start operations in March, as it needs time to set up its initial operations like setting up bins, bringing in compactors, trucks and tri – cycles.

One Comment on “New agency to clear garbage”

  1. Saidai Doraisamy our Moyor has promised a CLEAN CHENNAI and a few tips Corporation of Chennai has provided a large sum in the budget for beautification A few tips
    1.Budget has promised moon to the Chennai by allocating funds let them save Earth first!
    2 Infrastructure needs a lot of attention and the Corporation needs to focus on this at once!
    3 A few actions were proposed only only paper and implementation is not serious at all!
    4 Hordings Removals was given a very big publicity but not effectively practised at all!
    5 The latest problem of NO PARKING &NO STANDING has not drawn the proper attention
    6 Platforms are totally absent and there is virtual chaos on the roads .Corporation to act!
    7 Marina beautification was a very big step but Where are the Garbage Bins!
    8 BN Beach beautification is still a distant dream and the area is very untidy!
    9 Historic Shemdts Square needs to be preserved equally as a monument!
    10.Thanks are due to the Mayor for his efforts but they need implementation!

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