How you can help agency create garbage – free spaces

Ramky, the agency which clears garbage in your area says that if people refrain from dumping waste all the time at street corner bins and instead wait for their door to door collection staff to come by, the neighbourhood will look neat and clean.

It says its staff are sensitising people to their operations and want people to support the door to door collection.

It says there are large bins now positioned in all the main streets of Mylapore but since households are dumping loads of waste into them the waste overflows and creates a mess.

This is how Ramky explains what we have been observing the past week since the agency got down to work.

Ramky says by next week, the entire Mylapore region will be covered by its operations.

CHAT: S. D. Venkatesh, GM of Operations, Ramky Enviro Limited spoke to Mylapore Times on Friday.


Garbage will be cleared twice in a day. The first shift is between 6 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. and the second shift, between 9 p.m. and 5.30 a.m. At both times, the street sweeping and collection by compact lorries will work.


This collection will be done only in the morning shift. Ramky’s personnel will visit each apartment or house and blow a whistle. This alerts residents who are supposed to dispose their garbage in the tricycle that  is brought along. This whistle blowing system is currently done on an experimental basis and it will take at least a month’s time for people to vibe with it.


There will be no holiday for the agency’s operations so clearance is done everyday.


Do not to throw garbage outside your house but wait for the collector. Garbage from commercial establishments like hotels will be collected by the compact lorries in the second shift. Road sweeping will take place in both the shifts. In the second shift only the main roads will be swept.


Call 1800 425 1566. All calls to this number will be recorded and residents will be intimated after the complaint is addressed.