Where is the Mylapore MLA?

Weeks after she was elected and sworn in as MLA of the Mylapore constituency, R. Rajalakshmi of the AIADMK set up an office in Alwarpet.

Today, many people find that while the office is smart and a person mans it they are never able to see or meet the MLA in person.

“She is rarely here even when she is in the city,” says a man who dropped in on Thursday morning.

The young MLA is said to be in Sankarankoil, leading a campaign for the AIADMK candidate in a by-election to be held next week. Since this poll has been turned into a battle of sorts for political rivalry, Jayalalithaa has asked a battalion to work there and Rajalakshmi is part of that team.

Little has been heard about the projects she is pursuing here or issues she has tackled.

Yes, petitions can be dropped off at the office – on C P Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet (behind Shilpi boutique). But people may just not get to meet her for some time yet.

One Comment on “Where is the Mylapore MLA?”

  1. What about pre Sankarankoil? I have neither seen the MLA nor the Councillor. It is time Amma appoints someone to look after the functioning of the elected representatives. The hackneyed autos, tinkering shops in residential pockets, unauthorised stealthy encroachments, piling garbage, dumping debris, pot holed roads……..find no visits of officials from the Corporation, Police, elected Councillor, and MLA.

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