Councillor’s proposals for your area

The councillors of the wards which fall under Zone 9 of Chennai Corporation met at the Corporation’s zonal office in Nungambakkam, to present local area proposals for this neighbourhood and discuss local issues.
Below is a listing of key projects for the wards in Mylapore area.

Ward 121
Renovation of public toilets at Thiruveedhi Amman Koil Street (South Side) Rs.399000.
Toilets at Thiruveedhi Amman Koil Street (South Side) Rs.157000.

Ward 122
Painting of road dividers with black and white paint at Turnbulls Road at Rs.50000.
Painting of footpath at TTK Road at Rs.98000: at Chamiers Road north side (from TTK Road to Cenotaph Road) at Rs.15300: at Turnbulls Road at Rs.98000; at K. B. Dasan Road at Rs.610000.
Changing of storm water manhole covers at different places in this ward at Rs.90000.
Repair and maintenance of footpath at Venkatnarayana Road at Rs.50000.
Renovation and building of compound wall for of mid-day meals centre at Austin Nagar at Rs.177000.

Ward 123
C. P. Ramaswamy Road flyover, C. V. Raman Salai – painting works – at Rs.96000.
Repair and painting of footpath at TTK Road and creating water tables – at Rs.99000.
R. A. Puram 3rd Cross Street – erecting shed for placing garbage bins Rs.99000.
Renovation of mid-day meals centre at Bheemana Garden school’s premises at Rs.97000.
Thiruvalluvar Salai Chennai High School water facility and placing of name board in the marriage hall in C. P. Ramaswamy Road at Rs.49000.
Repair and maintenance of footpath at Luz Church Road at Rs.960000: at Eldams Road at Rs.785000: at Dr. Ranga Road at Rs.870000: at St. Marys’ Road southern side (TTK road to Canal) at Rs.940000: at St. Marys’ Road (C. P. Ramaswamy Road to Canal) footpath Rs.970000: at D’Silva Road at Rs.480000.
Buying equipments for gym at St. Mary’s Road at Rs.118000.

Ward 124
Repair and maintenance of footpath at Venkatesaagraharam Road at Rs.635000: at R. K. Mutt Road at Rs.716000: at R. K. Mutt Road (from South Mada Street to Luz Corner) at Rs.716000: at Kutchery Road at Rs.600000.
Demolishing of existing stormwater drain and constructing new drains at Slaterpuram (from M. K. Amman Koil Street to first public toilet) at Rs.1394000.
Maintenance of public toilets / bathroom at Slaterpuram (at M. K. Amman Street, Ramakrishnapuram and Shanmugapillai Street) at Rs.248000.
Renovation and maintenance of canteen, wash area at Chennai Primary school, Ramakrishnapuram at Rs.320000.

Ward 125
Repair and maintenance of footpath at Kutchery Road at Rs.406000: at Rosary Church Road Rs.233000.
Renovation of public toilet at open ground at Karneeswarar Pakoda Street at Rs.130000: at Mangollai at Rs.77000: at Dooming Kuppam at Rs.194000.

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