Re-union of 1982 batch of Rosary Matric School

About 30 students of the 1982 batch from Rosary Matriculation Higher Secondary School has a get together on June 11.

The group met up for lunch at The Residency, T. Nagar.

“All of us were residents of Mylapore when we were students, ” said one member.

“The joy and happiness could not be contained and the restaurant was just a scream.” It was also a time to walk down memory lane, to talk about times spent in the Rosary classrooms and on campus and to let the hair down a bit.

The group has created an account on Face Book. Go to ‘Rosarians’82.’

– Reported by Reshma Sujith Kumar

Reshma Sujith Kumar is a resident of South Beach Avenue, 2nd Street, M.R.C. Nagar.