Ramani Louis, senior English teacher from Rosary Matric School retires

Ramani Louis, a English teacher from Rosary Matric. Hr. Sec. School also retired last academic year.

She was one of the long-standing teachers in this school. She joined here in 1976.

She completed her schooling at Rosary Matric School. She went on to do her B.Ed in Stella Matutina College of Education and completed her degree from Stella Maris College.

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  1. A more or less same experience as the above person. She used to say that someday we all will realise the importance of being trained like that and she never went wrong. She taught us a number of other moral lessons as well and I express my sincere gratitude to M/S. Ramani. Thank you Miss!!

    1. I came back to search for Ramani Miss. They say train well so that you can win easy. She trained us sooo well in English, that I know the importance of it now in my real life in career where I’m outstanding coz of my communication. I always had respect on her & also damn scared of her. All that I’m in my communication I owe it you Miss. Be well and stay happy always Miss. May God Bless you.

  2. Hats off to you Ramani mam. Rosary Matric stands for English and the credit definitely goes to all the English teachers. I am an old student of the same school, and I still remeber the times , where we were scared of our English marks. Getting a decent score from her was a mile stone. Today i realize the importance of the English. Hats off Mam :).
    My sincere wishes and prayers for you.

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