South Mada Street to be concretised

Chennai Corporation, the city’s civic body intends to concretise a few roads and streets in the city. Over 1000 roads / streets have been marked out for this makeover.

Included in this list is South Mada Street, Mylapore.

The civic body says it plans to do this to increase the life of the roads and also save on costs.

Before the project is started, it plans to meet with officials of state agencies like BSNL, TANGEDCO and Metrowater to ensure that all their immediate civic plans are in place well before the concrete roads are laid. This is to ensure the concrete roads are not ‘cut’ or dug up for other services.

South Mada Street, one of the mada veedhis around Sri Kapali Temple in Mylapore is a busy street since it provides access to temples and schools of this area and is also a shoppers destination. The wear and tear of the street is heavy here.

Some years ago, the inner streets that lead to Sri Kapali Temple like Sannidhi Street / Square and Tank Street were concretised. This was part of a project to have all streets leading to popular temples in the city concretised.