Students of Queen Mary’s College observe World Tourism Day

Department of Geography, Tourism and Travel Management, QMC had arranged Tourex 2012 on Sept.27 and 28 to celebrate World Tourism Day.

Students of this department had put up stalls on different states in India. The exhibits highlighted the landmarks, geographical importance, sources of energy, life style, culture and food items.

The model of Bhima Devi Temple was made of biscuits and thermocol on top. Also on display were Pykara falls, Konarak Sun Temple, Hampi ruins, Tanjore big Temple, Gulmarg snow skiing, Guruvayurappan Temple, Bhimadevi Temple, Victoria Memorial, Champaner Fort, Ajmer Durgah.

Students were dressed in traditional wedding costumes received the visitors to their respective stalls.

Traditional dances of the different States and regions were also performed.

– Reported by Vasantha