The day after the cyclone

The day after the cyclone Nilam effect was felt in the city, there was quiet and calm all around.

Corporation workers started cleaning the roads that were filled with broken branches and leaves.

Workers were seen clearing the sand which had blown into the service road that runs alongside the beach in Foreshore Estate and San Thome.

Uprooted trees were seen at Alamelumangapuram, Devanathan Street, Alwarpet and Mandavelipakkam.

One tree fell on a car at C. P. Ramaswamy Road on Oct.31. No one was injured.

Another tree fell on the compound wall of the Corporation ground in South Canal Bank Road, Mandavelipakkam.

The sun shone bright later in the day and since it was a holiday for schools and colleges, youths had a day out while elders did their festival shopping.